inteGREAT Products


inteGREAT is a Modern Requirements Lifecycle Management platform that

enables users to elicit, analyze, validate, document, review and manage

requirements effectively. inteGREAT provides a central requirements

understanding for all project stakeholders, while automatically generating

documents, diagrams, simulations and test cases as required for the project.


inteGREAT fully embraces the use of Microsoft Office’s authoring and review

capabilities, providing process automation, while extending the use of the

requirements solution to multi-functional project stakeholders. inteGREAT

SmartDocs is a Word plugin that mitigates any change management concerns

within the enterprise, while combining the power of a requirements database

with the familiarity of the Office user interface.


inteGREAT, bi-directionally, integrates with Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server, ensuring consistent and complete requirements.. Together, they support any Requirements development methodology including: Waterfall, Iterative, Agile, Scrum, CMMI, Hybrid or Custom. inteGREAT maps dynamically to the

out-of-the-box process templates provided with TFS, as well as custom templates. 


With the implementation of inteGREAT, using TFS as its application server, all project stakeholders work in an integrated environment and with single repository. They can have access to the same content anytime and anyplace.



inteGREAT UltimateinteGREAT Ultimate


Elicit, Validate, Document and Manage requirements with this fully-featured product, inteGREAT Ultimate. This version allows users to create high fidelity simulations to replicate the end user experience, build Decision Model logic, create custom data extracts for reporting, and develop function point estimates based on Cocomo II.








inteGREAT PremiuminteGREAT Premium


This is inteGREAT’s most popular version allowing users to Define, Validate, Document and Manage requirements, along with the ability to model User scenarios (activity models), data, events, actors and networks. Also, it auto-generates wireframe simulations and Use Case & Test Case documents. It supports integrations with testing platforms like HPQC and Microsoft Test Manager.








inteGREAT ProfessionalinteGREAT Professional


This is our entry level product allowing users to capture business goals, functional & nonfunctional requirements and business rules, while using inteGREAT Professional. It also includes a rich set of other powerful features including relevant integrations, specification checker and project baselining.









inteGREAT Simulation DesignerinteGREAT SmartDocs


With inteGREAT SmartDocs, a diverse set of users can author requirements in Microsoft Word and save the them directly to inteGREAT and TFS.







inteGREAT Simulation DesignerinteGREAT Simulation Designer


 Create high fidelity simulations to replicate the end user experience with this innovative Requirements Definition and Validation tool, inteGREAT Simulation Designer.








inteGREAT TeaminteGREAT Web Access


Collaborate and review project requirements through inteGREAT Team Access. Keep track, modify, review and approve requirements through this web client.


Clients can readily mix and match product versions based on the needs and roles of individual users